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10 Million Member Trophy Design Challenge

10 Million Members

You Guys did it again! We've reached another milestone, and would like to celebrate with those who make this possible - our talented members in the GrabCAD Community!

GrabCAD has been around for more than 10 years and you have helped create such amazing things. From Models to tutorials, groups, and more you have created and shared so much and we are so grateful to you all.

Like we did with the four million and six million celebrations, we're looking to each of you to design what you think would be the ideal trophy to honor this occasion.

Who better to design a trophy to celebrate this huge milestone than you? Your fellow members produce and share astonishing work every day. It's your chance to say thank you and nominate your favorite GrabCADrs for recognition. Include them in your entry and in the comments on this page.

The winner of the Trophy Challenge will have their design 3D printed and will be given to the creator and all the Highlighted members of this 10 Million Member Campaign.




    The Challenge is open to everyone except employees and families of GrabCAD and the Sponsor. Multiple entries are welcome. Team entries are welcome.
    By entering the Challenge you:
    1. Accept the official GrabCAD Challenges Terms & Conditions.
    2. Agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges (Jury).
    3. Warrant that you are eligible to participate.
    4. Warrant that the submission is your original work.
    5. Warrant, to the best of your knowledge, your work is not, and has not been in production or otherwise previously published or exhibited.
    6. Warrant neither the work nor its use infringes the intellectual property rights (whether a patent, utility model, functional design right, aesthetic design right, trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property right) of any other person.
    7. Warrant participation shall not constitute employment, assignment or offer of employment or assignment.
    8. Are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement for any costs.
    9. Agree the Sponsor and GrabCAD have the right to promote all entries.
    If you think an entry may infringe on existing copyrighted materials, please email challenges@grabcad.com.


    Only entries uploaded to GrabCAD through the "Submit entry" button on this Challenge page will be considered an entry. Only public entries are eligible. We encourage teams to use GrabCAD Workbench for developing their entries. Entries are automatically given the tag "grabcad-10-million" when uploading to GrabCAD. Please do not edit or delete this tag. Only entries with valid tag will participate in the Challenge.


    The sum of the Awards is the total gross amount of the reward. The awarded participant is solely liable for the payment of all taxes, duties, and other similar measures if imposed on the reward pursuant to the legislation of the country of his/her residence, domicile, citizenship, workplace, or any other criterion of similar nature. Only 1 award per person. Prizes may not be transferred or exchanged. All winners will be contacted by the GrabCAD staff to get their contact information and any other information needed to get the prize to them. Payment of cash awards is made through Checks mailed to the Winners. All team awards will be transferred to the member who entered the Challenge. Vouchers will be provided in the form of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing promo codes.

    We will release the finalists before the announcement of the winners to give the Community an opportunity to share their favorites in the comments, discuss concerns, and allow time for any testing or analysis by the Jury. The Jury will take the feedback into consideration when picking the winners.

    Winning designs will be chosen based on the Rules and Requirements schedule.

  • Schedule

    This Challenge ends on September 13th, 2022 (23:59 EST.) Finalists will be announced on September 20th, 2022 and Winners will be announced on September 27th, 2022



First Place

Printed Trophy and GrabCAD Swag and Concept will be known as the Official GrabCAD 10 Million Trophy

Second Place

3D Printed Trophy

Third Place

3D Printed Trophy

About GrabCAD

GrabCAD is a multi-national engineering and design community where skilled artisans and amateurs can work together to innovate and create.


  • Kesa

    Kesa 6 months ago

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 204 comments.
  • geo

    geo 6 months ago

    geo has uploaded 48 CAD models & has left 1016 comments.
  • Sava Savov

    Sava Savov 6 months ago

    I downloaded GrabCAD Print but what template to chose in "Select Printer" cell? There is no J75 printer template.

    Sava Savov has uploaded 25 CAD models & has left 149 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa 6 months ago

    Hello Sava,
    You are looking for a J750 Printer template not J75.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 204 comments.
  • Sava Savov

    Sava Savov 6 months ago

    Yes, but although there is a list of printers (FDM templates and one SAF template) there are no printers whose name starts with J. Now I saw that a message appears as soon as the program starts: "PJ Service Error - Failed to get list of supported printers". I ran REPAIR but after the repair this message reappeared. I uninstalled GrabCAD Print, downloaded it again and installed it again. Same thing. Maybe the problem is in my TV - old computer.

    Sava Savov has uploaded 25 CAD models & has left 149 comments.
  • Steve Roth

    Steve Roth 6 months ago

    ok I want to enter this contest.

    I did everything it ask
    I still don't see where it says I have enter the contest.

    Steve Roth has uploaded 25 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • geo

    geo 6 months ago

    @Steve :
    Edit your entry and use the Tag „grabcad-10-million“
    Good luck !

    geo has uploaded 48 CAD models & has left 1016 comments.
  • Sri Hari

    Sri Hari 6 months ago

    Hi I have a question the 1st point in the judging requirements "Must Celebrate the achievement of 10 million members in the GrabCAD Community" what does it mean.

    Sri Hari has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • Sava Savov

    Sava Savov 6 months ago

    Sri Hari,
    It's really a bit strange that the trophy is celebrating, because it's not the trophy that's celebrating, it's the people that are celebrating. But the point is: when you look at the trophy, it should be clear for what event it was made.

    Sava Savov has uploaded 25 CAD models & has left 149 comments.
  • sathya B

    sathya B 6 months ago

    HI, what is the reward for the winner..

    sathya B has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
  • Reza Allahyari

    Reza Allahyari 6 months ago

    It's a fun challenge. I hope I can upload my file even though the site is filtered.

    Reza Allahyari has uploaded 141 CAD models & has left 1587 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa 5 months ago

    The Winners will be receiving a 3D print of their Trophy

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 204 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa 5 months ago

    We will be extending the Challenge for an extra 2 weeks

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 204 comments.
  • Bernard Brits

    Bernard Brits 5 months ago

    Bernard Brits has uploaded 43 CAD models & has left 67 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa 4 months ago

    Hello Everyone. We recently came back from a business trip and we will be 3d Printing out these models and seeing which are our favorites. This process might take a bit longer since a lot of our 3D printers are in need of repairs but we will get them done as soon as we can and announce our finalists and winners.

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 204 comments.
  • BRO1977

    BRO1977 4 months ago

    BRO1977 has uploaded 350 CAD models & has left 3121 comments.
  • Stéphane Gazel

    Stéphane Gazel 4 months ago

    Congratulations to the winners,

    Stéphane Gazel has uploaded 116 CAD models & has left 570 comments.
  • Kesa

    Kesa 4 months ago

    Winners have been posted

    Kesa has uploaded 3 CAD models & has left 204 comments.
  • Chris

    Chris 4 months ago

    Congrats to all - it's been fun!

    Chris has uploaded 1 CAD models & has left 4 comments.
  • Mickey Gole

    Mickey Gole 4 months ago

    Congratulations to the Winners, Finalists and All the Participants !!!

    Mickey Gole has uploaded 39 CAD models & has left 273 comments.
  • Kiddrsa Buyas

    Kiddrsa Buyas 16 days ago

    The winners have been announced.

    Kiddrsa Buyas has uploaded 0 CAD models & has left 1 comments.
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