Advanced FDM takes Stratasys FDM 3D Printing into the next era of model-based model customization and printing speed. Advanced FDM is now an integral part of GrabCAD Print. Now, all the features that were only available in Advanced FDM projects are available in Print projects.

Model-based job control

Reference native CAD data
Select native CAD surfaces and features like holes and bodies in multi-body parts to customize your model for optimal print results.
Advanced controls
Optimize your model to your design requirements; thicken some surfaces, make bodies more rigid and other bodies less, select different infill patterns and densities for different bodies in your model.
Customize holes
Resize and reinforce hole geometry based on the insert you selected. Or, select a hole and change it to be self-supporting, drilled out by a later manufacturing operation.
Update when you want
It’s easy to update your process when you need to; click on the surface or body, make the changes, and print your updated toolpath.
Reduce print time using adaptive slicing
Adaptive slice is a new software feature that will automatically vary the slice height within a part to decrease printing time while retaining part quality and strength. Parts with high resolution can now be printed an average of 24% faster.

Create manufacturing documentation

Create a custom traveler
Capture your printing and post-processing instructions with your model; select a surface or body, add your instruction, and export it as a PDF to accompany your model as it is printed and post-processed.

Receive work orders and print them in minutes

Bring your designs to market even faster with GrabCAD Shop

The new integration between GrabCAD Shop and GrabCAD Print allows FDM operators to bring their designers' and engineers' requests to market even faster. GrabCAD Shop is a 3D printing work order management solution that makes it easy for FDM operators to manage 3D printing requests by organizing orders in one place. Print operators can plan print jobs, update statuses, edit part details and fulfill the orders efficiently.

For the FDM print operator who receives multiple job requests from engineers and designers, GrabCAD Shop allows you to open the files from GrabCAD Shop into GrabCAD Print, where you can then use Advanced FDM features and functionality. This integration:

Supported Stratasys printers
Advanced FDM is supported on the Stratasys F170 and F270 printers, the Stratasys F370, Fortus 380mc, and more! See the complete list of supported printers.