Anyone know what is the file size limit for opening stl file as imported solid in solidworks? or other limits in shape?

I have randomly succeeded but do not know why some succeed and some dont.

I try to open scanned files and edit them but most of the time it only opens as solid mesh file.

I edit the scans with GOM inspect, Meshlab and freecad before trying to open them.

I´m yet to understand why some files open as imported solid and some as solid mesh.

2 Answers

When I create meshes I try to decimate them down to 100k triangles. When I leave them at 700k, they take forever to send to my computer and are impossible to work with in CAD. I believe they are around 8MB. Anything bigger is hard to deal with. Not sure why they would sometimes be solids, unless that's how they were created. I believe you can convert them back and forth in the CAD software.

Lorsque vous importez des stl, solidworks mentionne qu'au delà de 20,000 triangles le solide deviendra un graphique et ne pourra pas être modifié. Ce n'est pas une question de poids du fichier mais de quantité de surfaces analysées. Pace qu'un solide SW doit répondre à une multitude de fonctions qui allourdissent la pièce.

When you import stl, solidworks mentions that beyond 20,000 triangles the solid will become a graphic and cannot be modified. It's not a question of the size of the file but of the quantity of surfaces analyzed. Pace that a solid SW must answer a multitude of functions which weigh down the file.