citroen c3 hdi 1.4 year 2005 heit valves piston race simulation

I would like to know the distance between the piston and the cylinder head at the high point in compression of the citren model C HDI air conditioning pack year 2005.
I would also like to know in mm. the outlet distance of the intake valve as well as the maximum volume of air admitted into the combustion chamber and the pressure in bars.

1 Answer

i'd suggest looking into a workshop manual since this psa engine has been shared with multiple platforms , in order to know the distance you'd have to do weird calculations with the compression ratio , the stroke and the radius of the crankshaft that would equate to
(stroke + 2 times the radius of the crankshaft) - (the stroke - 2 times the radius of the crankshaft ) , the pressure in bars of the air inside the compression chamber can be known by looking at a base tune that you would either get from your engine by ripping it with a tool such as "win ols "or trying to find it on the internet , if i had it i would post it there however i only have access right now to vag engines tunes .
but you could kind of calculate the pressure exerted by the cylinder by just taking the amount of air crammed in the cylinder at top dead center knowing the volume at tdc and since the pressure equals the force divided by surface then ... all yours mate
have a nice day :)