Ahmed Almasry

EL -Obour. City , Egypt
Packaging design and manufacturing engineer
Followers: 945 Models: 95

Leonardo Zeng

West Palm Beach, United States
Products, Aircraft, and Boat Designer! PBRCA Member
Followers: 665 Models: 263

Avnish Kumar (अवनीश कुमार )

DELHI, India
Followers: 282 Models: 45

Hazem Azab

Alexandria, Egypt
Followers: 4 Models: 4

fabio fedeli

Gorgonzola, Italy
Followers: 118 Models: 58

Aleksandr Bondar

г.Харьков, Ukraine
Followers: 1242 Models: 281

Santa Floss

SoCal, United States
Giving back by posting useful models.
Followers: 912 Models: 43

Justin Adams

Automotive and marine designer with some aerospace experience too.
Followers: 217 Models: 87

Andrei Rochian

Bordeaux, France
Andrei Rochian designed about 10 motor and sail yachts for companies in France ,USA, China, South Korea, Europe and has built the first high quality custom yachts and boats in Bucharest Romania .
Followers: 410 Models: 33

Dick Lowe

Gloucester, MA, United States
I Love flattening the world out!
Followers: 1776 Models: 189

joe grez

United States
Consumer products designer
Followers: 6 Models: 7

Ming Jin Yong

Followers: 9 Models: 12