We’re saying goodbye to Workbench on June 1, 2023. Read details here


GrabCAD Workbench offers a full set CAD collaboration tools to ensure that engineers and partners can find the right CAD file, avoid duplicate work, and get input from everyone involved.

  • Desktop Sync

    User-controlled desktop sync

    Link desktop files to files in online Workbench projects and upload changes when you choose, keeping local files up to date.

  • Addin

    Works inside your CAD system

    Upload and download files as well as resolve conflicts through an add-in to your CAD system.

  • File Locking

    File locking

    Lock files for exclusive edit while letting the rest of the team know. Project owners can always override the lock.

  • Download neutral file format

    Download as neutral format

    Save a Workbench CAD file in a neutral (STEP, IGES, STL) format even if it’s uploaded in a proprietary format.

  • Download neutral file format

    Partner Spaces

    Release product data to customers and manufacturers without them seeing all of your project data -- or each other.

  • Download neutral file format

    Visual version comparison

    Visually overlay two versions of a model to see what has changed.

  • Download neutral file format

    Revision management

    Ensure that your team is always working off the right version to avoid wasted time and manufacturing mistakes.

  • Download neutral file format

    Automatic version backup + restore

    Automatically tracks file versions, lets you browse version history, and instantly restore older versions.

  • Download neutral file format

    CAD agnostic

    Supports all major CAD formats.

  • Download neutral file format

    Web-based viewing of CAD models and drawings

    Anyone can immediately see and markup a CAD model right in their web browser - no downloads or installs.

  • Download neutral file format

    Markup and communication tools

    Markup tools let viewers start conversations and create sketches right on the model, while email alerts keep team members up to date.

  • Download neutral file format

    Available anywhere you go

    Mobile application lets users work from anywhere and share models with others away from their desktop.

  • Download neutral file format

    Security you can trust

    GrabCAD takes the security of your data very seriously - learn more about our approach to security.

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