Mechanical 3d Cad Modeling Complete Tutorial in SolidWorks | Practice 01 | Urdu & Hindi

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My name is Engr. Muhammad Arslan Arif. This is the tutorial series of solidworks where I can teach about Mechanical Design 3d modeling and 2d drawing in solidwork in urdu and hindi.In this video practice 01 I use different commands to model this 3d piece. Commands: • Line • Centre Line • Mirror • Extrude • Extrude Cut • Circle • Perimeter Circle • Offset In FAD Tutorials (Film Arts & Design By Arslan Arif) you can learn different skills like video editing, 3d animation, Mechanical 2d and 3d design and 3d modeling and realistic rendering. We use different software like adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro, Blender, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Unity and Anysis.